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Seven Sails Vineyard, nestled in the forest of the Tualatin Mountains in Portland, OR, is home to
1,400 Pinot Gris vines planted in 1999 and 2005.
 From a single strain of grape we make a variety of delicious wines, creating a unique adventure
with each vintage. 
Enjoy the Journey!


The Grapes

Pinot gris is a white grape variety whose name is derived from the French words for "pine" and "grey" because of the grapes typical greyish- blue color. It's complicated but in short, pinot gris/grigio emerged as a mutation of pinot noir, thousands of years ago. Although pinot grigio (Italian) and pinot gris (French) are made from the same grape, it is the climate, soil and wine growing area or "terroir" that makes these two wines so very different. Pinot gris, grown in the cooler climes of Alsace, France and also now of Oregon, are crisper, fuller and more aromatic, offering complex flavors of tree fruits and even almonds. Like Alsace, it is Oregon's "terroir" that makes our pinot gris a sought after treasure. We're sure you will particularly savor the select bottles of Seven Sails Pinot Gris from our little Tualatin Mountain  vineyard.

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